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Advanced Sales Membership$99.95 per month. Access to one-hour weekly group sessions. Each week an advanced topic is …$99.95
Building Sales Teams Membership$249.95 per month. One hour advanced training and support session each month. Topics include effective …$249.95
Personal Sales Coaching$100.00 per half-hour session. Evaluate and diagnose a wide variety sales skills specific to your …$100.00
Personal Team Coaching$1,000 per month. Weekly half-hour sessions, Evaluate and diagnose your recruiting, retention training, pay plan, …$1,000.00
Recruiting Fee (Employers)Payable when a rep responds to your job post requests an interview and you download …$99.95

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I was not satisfied with our team training. My saless manager relied on cliches and slogans. Training based on myths and without rigor. When I found out about Sales Bounce I started reading the training docs and viewing the videos. I was mesmerized. Here was an entire new approach to sales which was simple and verifiable. I signed up our entirre team for weekly coaching. Sales are steadily imcreasing by 10% every month. One of my best decisions.
Chanice Williams
Web Solutions

I was happy to find that I didn’t have to pay for job posts, screen resumes and waste hours doing interviews. All I had to do was select a few reps and make offers. Rep Hire does all the work and they charge way less than I have been spending. I am not just happy, I am ecstatic.
Stan Stevenson
Medical Products Compmay

Recruiting reps was taking up all my time. I admit I can believe the lies reps tell me. The Closer Test gave me a way to hire winers and not losers. I tell my friends that this is the next big thing in sales recruiting.
Mari Deane
Online Art Sales